Jumbunna, a quaint town nestled in the rolling hills of South Gippsland,
offers a delightful escape for families and adventurers alike. Located about
126 kilometres south-east of Melbourne, this serene hamlet sits comfortably
between Kongwak and Korumburra. The journey to Jumbunna, though
involving winding roads, rewards travellers with breathtaking views of lush,
green hills that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Jumbunna’s charm lies in its simplicity and connection to nature. The town,
whose name means “place of the echidna” in the local Indigenous language,
embodies the spirit of rural Australia. The roads may twist and turn, but each
bend unveils a new vista, urging drivers to take it slow and soak in the beauty.
A visit here promises tranquility, a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of
city life.

Walking through Jumbunna, you’ll find a community deeply connected to
its roots. The town’s history is evident in its architecture and the friendly
locals who are always ready to share a story or two. The serene
environment makes it an ideal spot for picnics, leisurely strolls,
and moments of quiet reflection. »


One of Jumbunna’s highlights is the Bush Market, held regularly in the heart of the town. This market is a treasure trove of local produce, handmade crafts, and artisanal goods. Families can enjoy a day out, exploring stalls that offer everything from fresh vegetables and homemade jams to unique trinkets and local artworks. The market is not just a place to shop; it’s a social hub where residents and visitors mingle, share laughs, and enjoy the vibrant community spirit.


The rolling green hills of South Gippsland are perhaps the region’s most defining feature. These hills create a picturesque landscape that’s perfect for scenic drives, cycling, and hiking. The natural beauty of the area is complemented by the peaceful atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for family outings and weekend getaways.


A mere five kilometres from Jumbunna lies Korumburra, a town rich in history and attractions. Known for its heritage railway, the South Gippsland Tourist Railway, Korumburra offers a nostalgic train ride through the scenic landscapes of the region. Families can hop on board and experience the charm of vintage travel, complete with friendly conductors and the rhythmic clatter of train wheels. Korumburra is also home to Coal Creek Community Park and Museum, a living history museum that takes visitors back to the 19th century. Here, families can explore restored buildings, interact with costumed volunteers, and learn about the area’s coal mining heritage. It’s an educational and fun outing that brings history to life in a captivating way.


Another nearby gem is Outtrim, a small community with a big heart. This town is perfect for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful retreat. Outtrim is surrounded by scenic walking trails and nature reserves, offering ample opportunities for bushwalking, birdwatching, and picnicking. The quiet charm of Outtrim provides a wonderful backdrop for family outings and outdoor adventures.


A visit to Jumbunna and its surrounding areas isn’t complete without experiencing the local culture. The people of this region are known for their warm hospitality and strong sense of community. Whether it’s a chat with a vendor at the Bush Market or a friendly wave from a passing car, the welcoming nature of the locals adds a special touch to any visit.


The hills around Kongwak offer some of the most stunning views in South Gippsland. A drive through these hills is a feast for the eyes, with rolling landscapes, lush farmlands, and panoramic vistas that captivate at every turn. Photographers and nature enthusiasts will find endless inspiration in the changing colours and moods of the hills, especially during sunrise and sunset.