Pocket-Pet Plea

Residents urged to re-think Pet Choices

Pet owners in Casey and Cardinia should reconsider their adoption choices.  After an influx of small animals have been surrounded to the lost Dogs’ home in recent months

To adopt Sandy contact the lots dogs’ home North Melbourne or Cranbourne

Pet Plea


The number of pocket pets arriving at the Cranbourne  and North Melbourne shelters have nearly tripled in the last six months. They currently consist of birds, guinea pigs and rabbits.

Shelter supervisor Allie Small said that the cause was likely due to a combination of factors, including the increased expense of purchasing a dog or cat during Covid, the lack of availability in larger pets and the misconception that small animals were low maintenance.

“The difficulty people had trying to get a pet during this time has led them to look at different alternatives,’’ said Ms Small.

“Pocket pets may be small, but they are as deserving of our love as their larger counterparts such as dogs and cats. It is heartbreaking watching so many of them, often not microchipped, being abandoned in such alarming numbers.’’

Allie said that pocket pets may not cost much to purchase and set up in the home, however their ongoing maintenance – such as feeding requirements, medical care and enrichment needs – are often more specialised than a dog or a cat, so they can become costly over time. This often leads to people surrendering or rehoming their pets as they are unable to appropriately care for them.

According to a national survey conducted by Animal Medicines Australia, the money spent on pets – big and small – is more than $13 billion per year. Prospective pet owners are being urged to think about the ongoing expenses before getting a pet. These costs include food, veterinary services, pet healthcare products, accessories, insurance, grooming, boarding, training, transport, memberships and more.

The Lost Dogs’ Home is working with its rescue and corporate partners to re-home all pets that arrive at the shelters.

If you are interested in adopting a pocket pet, please contact The Lost Dogs’ Home Cranbourne on 9702 8055 or The Lost Dogs’ Home North Melbourne on 9329 2755. Staff will happily answer any questions or queries and help find you the perfect match based on lifestyle and household.