Windermere: For Community Focussed Child Care

Windermere: for community focussed child care

Home based child care: child friendly with flexible hours

Family Day Care is a form of child care, run from the homes of qualified early childhood education and care professionals (educators).

“Amid COVID-19 many families are finding the familiar and nurturing home environments of Family Day Care very appealing,” says Windermere Manager
of Early Childhood Education and Care Services Suzie Mansell.

“Family Day Care can suit children who feel more comfortable in smaller groups, where they can form strong bonds with the other children and enjoy learning with their educator,” she says.

As a registered provider Windermere offers Family Day Care across areas of south east Melbourne, including the Casey, Cardinia, Bayside and Knox areas and as far out as Drouin.

Educators can look after a maximum of four pre-schoolers or seven school age children (up to 12 years of age) at one time.

The flexible hours mean that the Family Day Care can be particularly suited for parents with non-standard work hours. “The hours of care vary with individual educators looking after children on weekends, evenings and early mornings. Many educators even do school pick ups and drop offs,” says Suzie.

Windermere offers inclusive Family Day Care for children of all abilities.

Under the family day care model educators are qualified and regulated under the same National Quality Framework Guidelines as centre-based child care providers.

For more information: or call 1300 946 337

Want to work in Out of Hours School Care?

Windermere is currently looking for enthusiastic Out of School Hours Care Assistants to work in a childcare program for primary school children next year in locations across the Casey and Cardinia areas.

This exciting opportunity will see you implement and deliver play-based and leisure programs that respond to the interests, strengths and aspirations of children and young people aged 5 – 12 years.

For more information: or call 1300 946 337

Become a Family Day Care Educator with Windermere

When long day care Educator Natasha went on maternity leave, she didn’t expect she would one day be running her own home based child care business.

Natasha is qualified in early childhood education and had been working at Windermere’s Frankston based Early Learning Centre. After having her second child she had decided to leave the ELC and find a role that had a shorter commute time.

Soon after she decided to leave, Windermere’s ELC Manager approached Natasha with an exciting alternative. She suggested that Natasha could run her own home based Family Day Care business registered as an educator with Windermere.

By being registered with Windermere Natasha could enjoy the freedom of running her own business while concentrating on the nurture of the children in her care.

Once Natasha decided to make the move, Windermere assisted her to do the initial set up of her business. This included ensuring she was operating in a safe way and meeting compliance and training requirements under the National Regulations and Law. Windermere also handled financials and invoicing matters.

“Building the business was the biggest challenge. Attracting the children and families to your care, can take a bit of time to get going, but Windermere are good with the advertising and assisting you to do this,” says Natasha.

Natasha’s experience in long day care also gave her foundation skills and confidence.

“If I had not had that long day care experience, particularly with helping children to handle transitions such as sleep routines, it would have been much more difficult,” she says.

Windermere are currently looking for more Family Day Care educators in participating areas.

To find out more Phone 1300 946 337 or visit