Racing Fashion with Rachel Laing


Rachel Laing grew up spending a lot of time on the track, with her father Frank w

ho is a successful Harness Racing trainer.

“Growing up I had a horse trainer father so I‘ve been going to the races all my life – then probably in the last 10 years I’ve been a bit more fashion aware and style my outfits properly now the kids are older,” Mrs Laing said. 

“My favourite style icon is Kate Middleton – elegant, classy, tasteful, appropriate. She just never gets it wrong.” 

“The good thing about her is she wears labels that are affordable for a lot of people, that can suit most budgets. She gets a lot of reasonably priced items when they are on sale too. I read up on everything. She re-wears her things which I love.” 

“It’s ridiculous, if you get something you love why would you not wear it again? I only really get 2-3 new dresses or headpieces a year, then reuse them later on, next season.” 

“I like observing fashion, I think that’s what it’s really about on those big days. It’s about seeing the best horses on display, and a chance for the ladies to dress up to their best.”


  • “I don’t think you should be drawn to celebrity style. A lot of them don’t get it right.”
  • “Go with what you feel most comfortable in.”
  • “Keep it classy, appropriate, and sensible because then you’re not going to regret it. You won’t look back and go – oh my god what was I thinking?”
  • “If you’re going to get a spray tan, make sure it’s perfect you don’t want a botched job – you’re better off not getting one.”
    “I do love the way Kate [Middleton] wears her hair. When she wears hats, she tends to tuck her hair up. We don’t tend to do that here, most people wear their hair out.”
  • “Be aware of what is trendy. Go with something classic, but put your own style on it.”
  • “You have to alter your outfit to suit the weather.”
  • “Even though we all want to look our fabulous best – depending on the weather, there’s nothing worse than seeing poor girls in summer dresses when it’s pouring with rain. Like the Cox Plate last year was absolutely freezing cold 12 degrees and pouring with rain.”
  • “If the weather is a bit muddy, even if it’s in spring and it’s wet, you don’t want to have skinny heels digging into the mud. I would alter my shoes to a wedge or thicker more sturdy heel, something to get you through the day effectively.”
  • “In spring wear hats that are made out of straw or silk, felt is more appropriate for winter and autumn. The Sydney carnival are very strict on wearing felt for autumn.”
Clothing By: FEMMA-MARIE FASHIONS, BERWICK – 03 9707 5387
Jewellery By: DRYSDALE, BERWICK – 9707 2647

‘ In spring wear hats that are made of straw or silk, felt is more appropriate for winter and autumn’’.

‘ Be aware of what is trendy. Go with something classic, but put your own style on i’t’.

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