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SCHOOL IS MANY THINGS; it’s about learning, discovering, playing sports, forming relationships, building confidence but most of all – it’s about DISCOVERING WHO YOU ARE AND LEARNING HOW TO BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF.

Let Family Magazine introduce you to some of our great local schools who have much to offer future students; from athlete development programs and state of the art sporting facilities – to newly appointed leaders and innovative learning environments – all paving the way for a bright and prosperous future for your child.

Minaret College


The future is bright for Minaret College as fresh and dynamic leaders embark on new beginnings and lead the train of change for a promising future for the college. As an inclusive Victorian Independent School that caters for a diverse range of interests and abilities, the underpinning value is for students to have the opportunity to reach their optimal potential and excellence in their personal, spiritual and vocational endeavours. Minaret College operates 2 campuses with its Head office at Springvale Campus and the second campus ideally located in Officer, with both campuses offering opportunities for enrolments from Kindergarten to year 12.

Minaret College welcomes Mr Mohammad Taksim as the new Executive Principal; a leader with extensive experience, and a passion for quality education. He is responsible, together with a new and dynamic leadership team to steer the college into a prosperous future and build on the legacy created over the last 25 years by the College’s founder, Mr Mohamad Hassan.

Furthermore, Mr Rashdan Rashid has been appointed as the Head of Officer Campus to build on the vision for Minaret College in providing a holistic educational approach. Mr Rashdan’s experience as part of the Leadership Team for more than 10 years as Head of Senior School at the College’s Springvale campus has seen him work faithfully to bring out the best in students with a humble, pragmatic and innovative approach. These new leaders welcome you to the Minaret College family and bring with them more than 50 years of experience and dedication to serve the students and the greater community. Together, their willingness to listen, engage and provide educational guidance will ensure students personal, physical, social, emotional, educational and spiritual wellbeing is supported throughout their schooling years and beyond. We encourage the community to visit Minaret College and meet our team.

OFFICER CAMPUS: 67 Tivendale Rd, Officer | Phone: 5943 2058
SPRINGVALE CAMPUS: 36-38 Lewis St, Springvale | Phone: 9574 0567
For more information visit www.minaret.vic.edu.au


How important is the role of sport in a school environment? strong>Sport plays a vital role in the Haileybury community. It is the one area where parents, students and staff come together regularly to support and develop students. Participation in compulsory Saturday morning sport provides all students with the opportunity to connect with their peers and staff outside of the classroom. Haileybury provides the opportunity for students to achieve success on many levels and to share the experience and exhilaration of doing something well with team mates and friends.

What benefits do students receive from participating in sports and physical exercise? Apart from the numerous physiological benefits of physical activity, sport develops reliance, an appreciation of difference, respect for conventions and most importantly, character. Haileybury sport builds elements of a student’s being that cannot be learnt in a tutorial, text book, Instagram or a TED talk. Sport needs to be experienced and present in the lives of young people as it provides them with the opportunity to fail and feel vulnerable. Society doesn’t reward defeat and you won’t find many failures documented in history books, however failure and defeat are life’s greatest teachers; sadly, most people – particularly conservative corporate cultures, don’t want to go there. Ironically, every time we fail and every time we deny that voice asking you to give up, we become stronger and more equipped to take on the next challenge that life may present.

What range of sports does your school offer? Haileybury has upwards of 2,500 students participating in 37 sports activities to meet the needs of all students. These activities range from the traditional football, netball and soccer – to martial arts, sailing and rock climbing. In addition to this, Haileybury also offers a High Performance Programme. The aim is to support pupils to maximise their potential and meet their personal goal of playing at their highest possible level. Haileybury utilises a variety of technologies to gather and extrapolate data to not only improve student performance, but more importantly educate our athletes on best sports science practice.

What do you enjoy most about your role as the Director of Sport at Haileybury? As the Director of Sport, I am constantly inspired by young people and their efforts. I witness first-hand the joy that is derived from playing sport and the connections it fosters – whether it be witnessing students develop athletically through the course of a season, or attempt something they have never done before. Sport fosters memories and establishes life-long friendships and brings the Haileybury and wider community together, which I am fortunate to be a part of every day.

Phone: 9904 6007 or visit www.haileybury.com.au

Kambrya College


Kambrya College is located in the South East of Berwick, Melbourne. The College offers many holistic programs that are designed to maximise student potential, this includes our Athlete Development Program (ADP).

The College developed the ADP in 2015, with the goal of providing students with an opportunity to excel in their chosen sport, through a flexible approach to their learning. In 2018, the program is now offered across Years 7-9, and has over 100 students training every Wednesday morning to improve their skills and physical preparation for their chosen sport.

The ADP students have been extremely fortunate to have some quality athletes visit the school to assist in their development, such as Hawthorn FC Vice Captain Liam Shiels, Australian Diamonds Netballer Liz Watson, Olympian Milly Tapper and Commonwealth Games Medallists; the Moloney Brothers – just to name a few. The ADP students have also had the opportunity to travel to training venues to talk to elite athletes and coaches and experience firsthand the professionalism of an elite environment. These include visits to the Richmond FC, Essendon FC and Western Bulldogs FC where students were able to watch training, tour the facilities, and have one-on-one chats with coaches and players.

Once a week, the ADP students gather then start their structured training sessions, which are designed by industry professionals. These training sessions are delivered on a Wednesday morning and are followed by breakfast before the students then head off to start the school day. Students are regularly tested and their progress is monitored throughout the year to ensure they are improving in targeted areas.

If you would like any information regarding the Athlete Development Program, please visit the college website at www.kambryacollege.com/ athlete-development-program/ and click on the transitions tab for enrolment information.

Phone: 9707 7600 Email: kambrya.co@edumail.vic.gov.au or visit www.kambryacollege.com

St Margaret’s School


Hear what Nick Bruton, Sport Coordinator of Berwick Grammar School has to say in regards to the important role sport plays in a students’ school life.

How important is the role of Sport in a school environment? To me, sport plays a crucial role in any school environment. It helps to provide a well-rounded education for students of all ages giving them a break from their academic studies and a chance to receive all of the benefits that sport and physical activity can bring. I believe that sport can create a real sense of belonging for a student and foster a sense of pride in their school as they pull on their team’s uniform and give their best effort to help their team achieve their goal.

What benefits do students receive from participating in sports and physical exercise? Participation in physical activity and sport have been proven to provide numerous benefits in the areas of physical, mental and social wellbeing. Being active particularly at a young age sets great habits for later in life. By meeting the National Physical Activity Guidelines during their youth, our students can maintain a healthy weight range now, and reduce the chances of experiencing ‘lifestyle diseases’ such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease later in life. Mentally, physical activity can be great for stress relief, self-esteem and self-confidence. Sport in particular instils in students’ values such as resilience, fairness, teamwork and commitment. From a social perspective, sport is a great way for students to improve their social network and their social skillsinteracting with students who may not have previously been in their friendship group, and building new relationships across the course of the season.

What range of sports does your school offer? At Berwick Grammar School, we offer a wide range of sports for our students to participate in which range from participation based at House Sport level to the more competitive fixtures as part of the Southern Independent Schools Sporting Association. As well as competing in House and SIS carnivals for Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics, our students also have the opportunity to participate in SIS Weekly sport which includes sports such as Australian Rules Football, cricket, basketball, touch rugby, tennis, Table Tennis, European handball, soccer and many others across the year. We also compete in the SIS Golf Competition, the Victorian All Schools Badminton tournament and the Victorian and Australian Basketball Championships.

What do you enjoy most about your role as the Head of Sports? I love seeing the enjoyment that our students get from playing competitive sport. Our boys are very competitive and have a real sense of pride in representing BGS, so it is always an exciting time for me when I see a new season start with a fresh group of enthusiastic students who look forward all week to their fixture on a Thursday or Friday. The fact that we enter a lot of teams across a wide range of sports also gives most students from our smaller student cohort the opportunity to represent BGS at a competitive level and I get great satisfaction from seeing some students be selected in representative teams that may not get that chance in a bigger school. I think this is another great benefit of our boutique learning environment here at Berwick Grammar School.

For further information, please contact: St Margaret’s School
Phone: 9703 8111 or visit www.stmargarets.vic.edu.au

Sport at Beaconhills College

Beaconhills College encourages students from outside the College with a strength in sport to apply for a Senior School scholarship for entry into Years 9-11 in 2019. The College’s Head of Sport (Berwick Campus), Adam Wright, explains more about the sporting programs at the school:

Left to right: Year 12 athletics champions Matisse Lazzari and Cam Debruin at the SEISA Athletics event this year.

What benefits do students receive from participating in sports and physical exercise? Sport and physical exercise is a fantastic way for students to socialise in a fun and meaningful setting. Sport allows students to build their health and fitness while they develop skills such as teamwork and leadership which will transfer onto future study and work pursuits as they become young adults.

What range of sports does your school offer? Beaconhills College offers a broad range of sports through our inter-house carnivals such as swimming, athletics and cross-country. Students also have a great range of co-curricular sports opportunities such as football, soccer, netball, basketball, softball, cricket, volleyball and hockey. These sports are offered to students from Years 4-12 via our involvement in the School Sport Victoria competition and the South Eastern Independent Schools Association (SEISA). What are some of the major sporting events coming up in your school? Our House Carnival season is now completed with hundreds of students across both campuses involved in these competitions. Year 7 and 8 students take part in winter sports of football, soccer, hockey and netball in term 2, with senior students competing in SEISA competition in term 3. Regional cross-country is at the end of June and SEISA cross-country at the beginning of July.

What do you enjoy most about your role as the Head of Sports? What I enjoy most about my role is being able to provide students such a diverse range of sports from which to choose. I think it’s fantastic to see students pushing themselves to achieve their goals and improve upon their best efforts. It is exciting to be able to introduce students to a sport they have never had the chance to try. It’s very satisfying to see students developing a lifelong love of sport and physical activity during their time at Beaconhills College.

PAKENHAM CAMPUS 30-34 Toomuc Valley Road, Pakenham | BERWICK CAMPUS 92 Kangan Drive, Berwick visit www.beaconhills.vic.edu.au

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