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Anne Haynes
While it may be thought that real estate is a seasonal industry, the property is bought and sold all year round. You don’t need to limit yourself to any particular season or time of year, there are certain aspects of selling in some seasons that may suit you better than others.


As we head into autumn I feel it’s rather fitting that we consider the benefits of selling this season.

With the heat of summer and busyness of the holidays a distant memory, and school terms in full swing, Autumn is an ideal time of year to sell for many. By now many buyers have done their market research and have their finances organised, ready to check out what’s available and find somewhere before the colder months kick in.

This has already become evident with our increased buyer enquiry and increased attendance at our Belle Property open home inspections. Autumn also occurs just before the end of the financial year, which can help nudge buyers into a quicker decision.

Autumn in the south-east of Melbourne is renowned for some ideal weather. The skies are clear, the temperatures are pleasant and the streets and gardens are embellished with an array of colour from yellow, orange and crimsons amid our evergreen natives. This kind of display can boost curb appeal and improve a property’s aesthetic.

While autumn can be a fabulous time to sell, it also depends on your circumstance. Ultimately, there is no good or bad time to sell; there’s only the right time for you.


The best strategy for selling is to use the right agent and agency. Here at Belle Property Berwick, you have experienced and expert advisors who understand the local market explicitly and are strengthened by a franchise that works cohesively.

Let's Talk Real Estate

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