Moulding Memories

As residents of Casey and Cardinia prepare for Winter, it's tempting to stay rugged up inside all season. Its important to keep your mind and body stimulated through the chilliest months, though. One activity you might not have considered trying? The ancient art of pottery.



While the thought of getting behind a pottery wheel may evoke images of that famous scene from the movie Ghost, pottery is a valuable and
rewarding activity for the whole family. It makes for an enjoyable way to get out of the house, be social and make memories (and pottery!)
with family or friends.

People have been producing pottery for thousands of years, both for practical and decorative purposes. Bowls, cups, jars, vases and statues
can be made by heating different types of sculpted clay in a kiln, a process known as ‘firing’.

Pottery has come a long way since its inception thousands of years
ago, and these days there is a wide variety of physical, mental and

emotional benefits to creating with clay. Research shows that just an hour of creative activity reduces stress and improves mental wellbeing, while art therapy is useful for lowering depression, improving quality of life, and increasing self-esteem in patients with a variety of conditions.

Rather than following specific techniques or strict processes, letting your creativity flow and trying new things without worrying if it’s ‘good’ or not can be both rewarding and satisfying. Pottery absorbs your attention while you work, making it an excellent form of mindfulness – a way to put aside other thoughts and simply ‘be’.

“Artistic creativity is almost a therapy,” says David Walker, fourth generation owner of Melbourne-based Walker Ceramics. “Being able
to focus on working with clay [can] take away all other outside issues.”


“Lots of studios are now teaching pottery, as well as supplying a firing service,” David says. “Buy some clay and tools, and start creating!”

Pottery classes and workshops can be found across Cardinia and Casey, including council-based community workshops and private classes.

In the City of Casey, pottery workshops will be running at the Old Cheese Factory in Berwick from May, right through winter. Go to and search “pottery” to find a range of dates for both beginner and advanced classes. Classes are suitable for ages 16+ and all materials are provided, simply bring an apron and your enthusiasm! You can find the details and book at www.casey.vic. or call (03) 9709 9300.

Get the whole family in on the fun at Robert Gordon in Pakenham. Young and old can unleash their inner artist with paint-your-own pottery sessions; step it up a notch with a 2-hour painting workshop. Get a handle on the fundamentals of pottery with a wheel-throwing workshop, or extend your skills in a 6-week course. To find out more and to book, visit or call (03) 5941 3144.

The City of Casey, pottery workshops booked at
or call (03) 9709 9300

Robert Gorden, pottery sessions/workshops visit
or call (03) 5941 3144