Create Your Best Life At Orana

Orana boasts an impressive eye for detail and quality of life. Living at Orana is a great way to be connected to the environment and your neighbours.

Create your best life at Orana

There is a wide diversity of housing, streets that have been designed for safer neighbourhoods. Future amenities and features are an expansive wetlands and parks, town centre and schools. Orana Park has been the first of the many parks to open and has a rich natural environment with wide  open green spaces to run around with the family and be fit and healthy.


Orana demonstrated how incredible its community is at its recent Display Village opening. The event was a huge success with great feedback from new and future residents. The sun was shining and the crowd was smiling! Balcon Group and Fairhaven Homes donated a fully-furnished home which auctioned for $750,000. All proceeds went to Maddie’s Vision, a charity in the name of Maddie Riewoldt who succumbed to Bone Marrow Failure Syndrome. The money raised will be put towards researching into finding a cure for this awful disease.


Orana Park, on the corner of Fresco Avenue and Playwright Street, Clyde North, hosts the biggest Sky Walk in southeast Victoria. The structure looms above the park and is bound to set hearts racing of any adrenaline loving child or adult! The Sky Walk is an impressive feature of the park, though not the only sight of significance at the park. The park is watched over by a water sculpture called ‘The Watering Spirit’, created by local artist Geoffrey Ricardo. Water is also available in the sandpit, which can entertain children for hours with its scale, push-button commands and trays, as well as etchings of Australian fauna and incredible wood sculptures of owls and wombats by Victorian chainsaw artist Shlomit Moria. The playground also has accessible play equipment for smaller children as well as trampolines, a bike jump track and fitness equipment for any adults that love to get in a workout outdoors.


Orana is a fantastic place to connect with your community. We are passionate about you planting the seeds together as Orana residents and coming together in our spaces. The community has been designed to entice people to socialise and make bonds. Balcon Group has even appointed a new community manager named Charlotte to ensure everyone is supported and feels welcome into our tight-knit community. We know that you need places to be entertained, be relaxed, be connected with your families and have easy access to work places and schools. The heart of Orana is to make sure you’re living your best life, so we’re making sure Orana has everything you could ever need. The town centre will host supermarkets, boutique shops and cafes. Orana is located within 20 kilometres of Officer South Employment Precinct and Pakenham Industrial Zone. There are also upcoming commercial and industrial spaces. It’s not only work-based places that are being included in Orana! There are schools being planned in our community, including future government and primary and secondary schools on our doorstep. Orana also borders the recently opened Clyde Grammar School.


Balcon is dedicated to providing our Orana residents a resilient, healthy, sustainable and diverse environment to thrive in with a livable place that is a benefit to the health and wellbeing of everyone. Orana is a community that is dedicated to provide 30% more green spaces in the neighbourhood by planting more trees and having plants that cope with our Melbourne climate. Trees have been selected for the community that will grow tall and provide shade. 42 hectares of Orana will be trees and native vegetation, providing homes to not just our amazing residents but also our priceless wildlife.

Orana is a community like no other. Be part of the greatest and biggest community in the South East and create your best life.

Create your best life at Orana

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