Got Land? We Can Build Your Dream Home Now

“Government money and low interest rates are fueling a global construction
boom,” was evident via the findings of the 12th International Construction
Market Survey from Turner & Townsend but it is not all positive (Kelly, 2021).

The building industry is under increasing pressure as demand is outstripping supply. Price rises are inevitable and it has put builders in a difficult position. Whilst many are struggling to navigate ongoing challenges brought up by the pandemic, like shortages, restrictions and delays, Rawdon Hill Homes is
offering contracts to customers to sign up and build now, if they have land.


In June 2020 the government announced the commencement of the HomeBuilder grant to protect trade occupations in response to the downturn caused by the pandemic. State governments followed suit with other building incentives and this did, indeed, increase economic activity in the industry. However, the sheer multitude of people capitalising on these grants has put pressure on construction.

To make matters more difficult, the current climate has exacerbated this situation further. Regular and extended lockdowns have encouraged many city dwellers to make a tree change and move out to Regional Victoria. Consequently, many people building new homes are favouring house and land packages, and putting more pressure on the industry.


In addition to this, the worldwide pandemic has brought up a number of other issues which have delayed families’ dreams of a new home. Government initiatives were created to counter losses during the pandemic but now increasing demand means builds have been delayed for from six to 18 months due to: waits on administration and council approvals; shortage of materials and labour; and restrictions on the amount people allowed on build sites.

There has been difficulty in sourcing particular materials for construction, timber in particular. With little to no timber being imported at the moment, it means that the local prices have skyrocketed. Similarly, waffle pods (which are used as void fillers in concrete slabs) are in short supply because, while manufactured in Australia, they are sourced in their raw form from overseas. With regard to labour shortages on labour, both closed state and international
borders have made it difficult for businesses to find workers. In ordinary times, overseas workers have been able to fill the gap.


The stress on builders is evident due to the aforementioned factors. Businesses are in danger of overcommitting themselves, which could mean builds are delayed for longer. There is also uncertainty of what prices will be when builds are completed. Given the current market, prices may continue to rise over the course of delayed builds. Are builders or the customers expected to cover the costs of these price rises? The ability of builders to absorb these costs will largely depend on the size of the company; smaller builders may struggle. Obviously, contracts will vary for each buyer with their builder, and they would have to specify if there could be price increases. Customers may have to abandon builds if they cannot afford to pay for extra costs.


Even with the industry under pressure, Rawdon Hill Homes remains diligent that customer service and quality construction are paramount. As a family owned
company with 46 years of experience, they are known for their trustworthiness and transparency. Rawdon Hill has continued to provide affordable, luxury homes, building 150 homes across a year.

As a long running business in the industry, they have an established supply chain and are in a strong position to have greater control on price. Rawdon Hill Homes General Manager, Peter Grant says customers who already have land and sign up with the low deposit now, will save and only pay what is outlined in the contract.

“Our focus, as always, is to help people build their dream home with price
transparency and limit uncertainty.”


This is an amazing opportunity for people looking to build a home at this difficult time. Depending on the state of the industry in the coming months, this could mean saving as much as 30 percent on the price of your home.


Get the house you want, where you want, and how you want. Avoid the price rise with Rawdon Homes and save thousands. If you have land, Rawdon Hill Homes is ready to build for you now. Not only will you have peace of mind regarding your finances, you can rest assured that as always, you will be in good hands with the Rawdon Hill team. More than ever, their personalised service of keeping you up to date with your build from start to finish, makes them the ideal builder for your journey to creating your dream home.

Don’t miss out on this chance to secure your new home at an affordable price, call a home consultant to make an appointment.



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