Sterling Calisthenics

Pint-Sized Performers Strut Their Stuff

Australia’s unique take on calisthenics gives children and young adults of all ages the opportunity to get up, dress up and show the world what they’ve got.

What is calisthenics?

Taken from the Greek words for ‘beauty’ and ‘strength,’ calisthenics originated in the ancient world as a form of exercise that focuses body weight training and aerobics. In Australia, calisthenics have evolved into a multi-faceted performance sport incorporating elements of dance, gymnastics and theatre.

There is a strong emphasis on competition, with participants dressing up in beautiful costumes and getting on stage to compete against other calisthenics troupes about 3-5 times in a year. Performances are set to music and include a range of elements including marching, rod and club swinging, ballet and other dance styles, gymnastics, singing and acting.

The perfect sport for budding performers

Calisthenics is an excellent choice for children who love to sing, dance and dress up. It offers a varied range of techniques and styles, overlapping different genres, making it perfect for the child who can’t choose between dance, gymnastics and stage performance. With classes catering for ages 2-26+, it is truly a sport that any child or young adult can get involved in.  Participants benefit from the teamwork, friendships and self-confidence that calisthenics helps to develop, as well as improved strength and flexibility.

The Sterling difference

Sterling Calisthenics are proud to offer a range of classes across all age groups, taught by our experienced and caring coaches. We place high importance on fostering a family-friendly atmosphere that nurtures each child individually, as well as building team spirit and encouraging close-knit connections between teammates. At Sterling, we believe that strength is more than just a physical attribute; mental strength is vital to helping students to overcome challenges, build self-confidence, and grow within themselves.  

Calling all Tinies!

We are looking to build up the next generation of calisthenics stars, with places available in our Tinies and Sub-Junior classes. There is no better time than now to sign up and find out why calisthenics is one of Australia’s favourite junior sports.

For more information, visit our website at, or get in touch: email or call Ginny on 0412 180 866.

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